Apache Flex Distributions

This download page includes the source distributions to compile and build Apache Flex.

Compiling Apache Flex requires configuration and third-party software. Please read the README for instructions on compiling.

Read the RELEASE_NOTES for information on what is in this release.

Download the binary distribution for your platform from binaries.

Important Notices

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
4.16.0/-2018-May-04 19:14
4.16.1/-2018-May-04 19:16
BlazeDS/-2018-May-04 19:12
falcon/-2018-May-04 19:12
flex-maven-tools/-2019-Nov-19 16:31
flexjs/-2018-May-04 19:12
flexunit/-2018-May-04 19:12
installer/-2018-Jul-09 17:44
pixelbender/-2018-May-04 19:12
squiggly/-2018-May-04 19:12
tourdeflex/-2018-May-04 19:12
LICENSE38.4 KiB2013-Jan-09 00:38