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Apache HTTP Server Source Code Distributions

This download page includes only the sources to compile and build Apache yourself with the proper tools. Download the precompiled distribution for your platform from binaries/.

Important Notices

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Parent directory/--
binaries/-2020-Jul-06 14:16
docs/-2020-Jul-06 14:17
libapreq/-2021-Mar-19 14:42
mod_fcgid/-2020-Jul-06 14:17
mod_ftp/-2020-Jul-06 14:17
patches/-2020-Jul-06 14:17
Announcement2.4.txt2.4 KiB2021-Apr-28 16:08
CHANGES_2.4290.4 KiB2021-Apr-28 15:59
CHANGES_2.4.463.9 KiB2020-Aug-07 11:43
CURRENT-IS-2.4.460 B2020-Aug-07 11:43
httpd-2.4.46.tar.bz26.9 MiB2020-Aug-05 11:32
httpd-2.4.46.tar.gz8.9 MiB2020-Aug-05 11:32
httpd_logo_wide_new.png18.6 KiB2020-Jul-06 14:17